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5-Star Automatic Gas Nozzle

The new lightweight automatic gasoline nozzle is ideal for full/self service. "One hand" open clip with patented "Kicker" feature provides positive clip release with automatic shut off. Mico-Touch valve offers precise - to the penny flow control.

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5-Star S

5-Star "S" Automatic Gas Nozzle

This new lightweight Automatic gasoline nozzle is ideal for prepaid locations. Has a pressure activated secondary shut-off that prevents fuel flow until system is pressurized. Micro-Touch valve precise - to the penny flow control.

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Micro-Flo 1000

Micro-Flo 1000 Automatic Gas Nozzle

This Automatic Gasoline Nozzle is a traditional styled nozzle with M. Carder refinements. Our Micro-touch valve for precise flow control. Rotomatic latch pin for positive automatic shut off.

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Farm & Consumer

Farm & Consumer Automatic Gasoline Nozzles

This F&C Automatic nozzle is designed for use with small 12 volt and AC utility pumps, as well as larger Farm & Consumer pumps. The hook is the toughest available - will always maintain its shape.

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Farm & Consumer Automatic Gasoline Nozzle

MAde in the USA
Made In The USA

UL Listed
UL listed for use with gas 10% ethanol blend and diesel.

PEI Member

Download a spec sheet for the Mircro Flo-1000Download a spec sheet.
Farm & Consumer Automatic Gasoline Nozzle

The F&C Automatic nozzles are designed for use with small 12 volt and AC utility pumps as well as larger farm and consumer pumps. M. Carder offers three different automatic nozzles to meet the needs of the different installations and operations.

The F&C nozzles are based on our standard nozzles with modifications to meet the special requirements of these types of pumps. All of the M. Carder F&C nozzles are equipped with our super strong stamped steel hook. The hook's unique design allows it to be wedged onto the spout so tight that it will not turn or loosen.

M Carder Performance Advantages

  • Micro touch valve for precise flow control
  • Pure Teflon stem packing eliminates leaks
  • Heavy duty wedged on hook
  • Roto-Matic latch pin for smoother auto shut off
  • Smartguard snap on scuff guard
Nozzle Specifications   Construction Specifications
  5-Star MF-1000 BM
Inlet: NPT or BSPP 3/3" 1" 1"
Spout: Aluminum 3/16" or 15/16" 1-1/8"
Seals: Viton *  
Poppet disc: Viton *  
Packing: Pure Teflon    
Weight: 2.5 lbs. 3.4 lbs. 3.6 lbs.
Length: 12.5"      
Height: 10"      

Body: High Strength Aluminum

Handguard: Super tough nylon

Vac. Cap: Nylon or zinc

Lever: Steel w/snap-on plastic cover or nylon

Scuff Guard: Smartguard or vinyl

Body Cap: Zinc

* Cold Climate Seals Available   Shipping and packing
f and c nozzles  

Nozzles are individually boxed and and packed 15 per carton.

Weight: 3.5 lbs each 56 lbs. per carton.


Bulk packing available : Nozzles are sealed in plastic and packed 250 per master carton.

Download a spec sheet for the Mircro Flo-1000Download a spec sheet.

The F & C nozzles are rebuildable.

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