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Automatic Nozzles
Lightweight automatic gasoline nozzles are ideal for full/self service. "One hand" hold-open clip with patented "Kicker" feature provides positive clip release with automatic shut-off. Micro-Touch valve offers precise, to the penny flow control.


Automatic Gasoline Nozzles
Micro-Touch control for precise flow control, automatic shut-off, and the unique refinements only M.Carder offers. Also available is our line of Farm & Consumer Nozzles that include use for 12 volt and AC utility pumps.

Automatic Diesel Nozzles
From lightweight & efficient at an economical price, to higher flow capacity and also our heavy duty high-flow Fueler 100 manufactured from high strength aluminum casting. M. Carder has something for every need when it comes to automatic diesel nozzles.

Remanufactured Nozzles
Rebuilt to same as standard, often using up to 30 new parts. Certain models include M. Carder refinements to improve reliability!. Whatever your need, we've got it at the right price and always with the highest quality in the industry.

Swivels & Breakaways
BRASS IS BEST!. Swivels made from machined aluminum & brass bar stock provide the best sealing surface - NO leaks! We also provide a full line of Breakaways from lightwight & compact to high-capacity operations.

Nozzle Accessories
Conversion kits, adapters, flow regulators, spout assemblies and more!


Covers & Replacement Parts
Cappers, covers, smart guards, Re-Nuit kits plus all kinds of tools & parts!


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Conversion Adapters

Conversion Adpaters from M.Carder

Some of the states have determined there is no longer a need for Stage II Vapor Recovery. Other states will also change their regulations within the next two years. The canisters on the cars now capture the vapors when fueling.

The above adaptors will allow for a quick and easy conversion to standard conventional 3/4" hose & 3/4"/ 1" nozzle.

AV34V Vacuum assist to 3/4" standard conventional
AV34VH Healy System Vacuum assist to 3/4" to standard conventional
AV34B Balance to 3/4" standard conventional

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Shock Spring

Transitional Conversion Adapter

Over the next two years the EPA and most state environmental agencies will permit service stations to change from vapor recovery to standard fueling equipment. The canisters on the vehicles now capture the vapor when fueling.

This adaptor allows the use of a standard 5-Star nozzle with the existing vapor recovery hose and other equipment. By using this adaptor a marketer can use his "Good" vapor equipment until it fails. This allows the marketer the opportunity to use the vapor hoses and breakaways that they have inventory rather than lose their investment.

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Welcome to M. Carder!

Welcome to M. Carder!

About M. Carder Industries

Located in Fenton, Missouri near St. Louis in the heart of the midwest, M. Carder Industries strives to provide quality products and quality service to countries around the world

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M. Carder Industries, Inc. was a modest operation in the beginning under the name Merv’s Nozzle Exchange in1970. Mervin L. Carder Sr. started rebuilding old nozzles in his basement of his home in Kirkwood, MO. After a few years he moved the company to Valley Park, MO. The business soon out grew that location and relocated to Fenton, MO. Here the product line expanded to include New Gasoline and Diesel nozzles. The parts machining operation also began at this time.

Mervin Jr. and Kim began working at the company in the early years of operation. Connie, Randy and Chris followed when the company moved to Fenton. Len Poli also joined the company as the business manager while M. Carder Ind. was at the first Fenton location and was Influential in product development and the growth of the company.

The company moved to the current 18,300 sq. ft. location in 1993 and added CNC mills and turning machines to produce Swivels, Breakaways and Nozzle parts as well as machining the nozzle casting. The product line has continued to expand and now including Breakaway couplings from ¾” to 3”, Swivels from ¾” to 2”, two models of gasoline nozzles, two models of diesel nozzles as well as models of high flow nozzles.

Made in the USAAll parts and products are made in the U.S.A.

The company has continually improved and refined products over the years to provide the best and most reliable equipment in the industry.

M. Carder Industries, Inc. began as a family operation and that continues today.

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